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     Why lose weight?

Weight loss isn't just about your appearance. If you are even a
little overweight, weight loss can have a tremendous impact on
your overall health. When your body carries around excess body weight, it decreases your energy and puts additional strain on
your heart. Being overweight even increases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes and some cancers. Lose weight for you!

Fight the Low T Fade!
Feeling tired, run down? Irritable?
Click here to learn more about low testosterone symptoms and treatment.

     Why choose Weight Loss and Nutrition Center?

The combination of our complete nutritional food program, the InBody520 and a fully trained and friendly staff, Weight Loss and Nutrition Center will customize a weight loss program designed specifically for you. No other program in this region offers the level of personalization and customization that we offer. Make the
first step towards losing weight, increasing your self-confidence and most importantly, becoming healthier. Call us for an appointment today at (318) 322-3250.

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Weight loss nutrition programWeight Loss and Nutrition Center' nutrition program takes the guess work out of your weight loss. Our entrees, desserts, snacks and other food items are delicious and satisfying. Losing weight never tasted so good.

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InBody520The InBody520 is a body composition analyzer and only Weight Loss and Nutrition Center has it! The information it provides allows Weight Loss and Nutrition Center to design a personalized weight loss program for YOU like no other.

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Weight loss injectionsBoost your weight loss with Lipo-Lyte injections from Weight Loss and Nutrition Center. It is designed to help enhance your monthly weight loss. It is possible for you to safely lose up to 3 pounds in three days with Lipo-Lyte!

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Fight the Low T Fade!
Feeling tired, run down? Irritable? Is it hard to concentrate? If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you may have low testosterone. Click here to learn more.

Start your weight loss program and call today!

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A comprehensive approach to weight loss, nutrition and fitness