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Professional Body Composition Analyzer

No Reliance on Empirical Estimation
Conventional BIA measurements rely on data such as age, weight and gender in their measurement of body composition. For example, some BIA devices will automatically add 7% Body Fat just by entering FEMALE as the gender. The InBody520 uses advanced technology to assess the individual and their unique body rather than using built-in calculations based on the "normal" body type to provide general values.
Accuracy and Reproducibility
Biospace has performed numerous clinical tests and research using the InBody technology. There is a 0.98 correlation coefficient when compared to DEXA and Hydrostatic Weighing, and when compared with other BIA equipment, it is proven to have a far higher level of accuracy and reproducibility than its competition. This is namely due to the patented 8-point tactile electrodes, use of multiple frequencies, and segmental impedance measurements.
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Conventional BIA devices rely on a single frequency of 50kHz to measure body water. InBody520 uses multiple frequencies of 5kHz, 50kHz and 500kHz that are able to provide accurate results for both intra and extracellular water content. Frequencies over 200kHz are able to penetrate the cell membrane, while machines using lower frequencies rely on a standard 3:2 ratio of intra and extracellular water. The intra and extracellular waters are proportional in a healthy body, but the elderly and obese tend to not maintain this healthy ratio. It is important to know these imbalanced levels rather than assume they are healthy.
A) Direct Segmental Analysis
The body is divided into five cylindrical segments - the legs, the arms, and the trunk. The segmental breakdown of the body allows the InBody520 to inform the patient of the segmental development and proportional balance of their body. When the body is measured using on impedance value at a single frequency, there is a high chance for error. Body mass distribution and metabolic characteristics differ between legs, trunk, and arms and cannot be identified using a single frequency. The accurate measurement of the trunk section provided by the InBody520 heightens the accuracy of the body composition analysis and is the most important segmental measurement due to the large surface area and the inability of other machines to measure this section accurately.
B) 8-Point Tactile Electrode System
Utilizing different combinations of four electrodes at a time, InBody520 is able to break the body into five different segments and measure the composition of each accurately. By using two electrodes in each limb, it guarantees the same point of entry and exit every time a subject is tested. The use of fewer electrodes results in less accuracy and the need for external variables. If currents are only sent from hand to hand or from foot to foot, the analysis only covers half of the body, leaving out a major portion of the body in the assessment. Tetra-polar (8) electrodes are the most effective way to measure body composition analysis using BIA equipment.
Basal Metabolic Rate
The InBody520 uses lean body mass to determine BMR. Other equations for basal metabolic rate rely on age, weight, gender, etc. and do not take into account Lean Body Mass (Muscle Mass). Lean body mass (LBM) is the most important factor in determining BMR. Muscle burns more calories than fat, so understandably it is one of the most important components when determining BMR.

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