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Initial Consultation

  • Initial consultation fee starts at $150
  • Lab work, EKG, Inbody analysis, and blood pressure check are performed on initial visit
  • Dr. Stage will discuss meal plans and healthy eating
  • Appetite suppressants can also be prescribed, the most common are Adipex and Tenuate 
  • Lab work and EKG are required once a year
  • Inbody Analysis is required every 3 months for $25 
  • Lab work can be filed to your insurance company or you may pay for the labs in office with our house account 

  • Monthly follow up visits with Dr. Stage are required to have your prescription refilled  
  • Follow up visit are $75

*We accept cash, credit card, and debit card 

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Treatment options

Meal Replacement


*Recognized by the weight loss industry as the most effective weight loss plan! The Meal Replacement Plan consists of protein bars, shakes, entrees and vitamins.  You must weigh in and purchase food from our office weekly.  This plan is very effective, however you must follow the plan strictly.  

New Directions


The New Directions Diet Plan consist up to 3 protein shakes and 1 protein bar daily with a sensible meal at night.  You must weigh in and purchase food from our office weekly.  You do not have to purchase vitamins with this plan.  

Low Calorie Low Carb


The low calorie low carb diet is the modified "Cave Man" diet.  You will purchase your own groceries and will be given guidelines to go by.  You may purchase our food in office to supplement your diet.