Patient Testimonials


When I started on Dr. Stage's program in December 2018 I had all but given up hope of ever losing weight, much less keeping it off.  However, I decided it was worth learning more.  Dr. Stage explained to me that obesity was a disease, and there were new tools to help treat it.  What really got my attention was when he said, "If you had cancer, you would do everything thing I recommended for your treatment, right?  You don't have cancer but this will kill you eventually."

About 1 year later I'm down 100lbs.  This has truly been the easiest thing I've ever done to lose weight, and i've done it all - twice!  The low carb diet fits in with my lifestyle - I'm able to go out to eat and live a normal life.  The medicines I'm on have freed me from constant cravings and food obsessions.  To say this has been a life change is an understatement.  I have a new found sense of confidence and purpose.  And as a bonus, it's actually fun to shop for clothes! 

I can't recommend this program enough.  Everyone who struggles with weight should do this.  If I can do it, anyone can do it!