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Patient Testimonials


When I started on Dr. Stage's program in December 2018 I had all but given up hope of ever losing weight, much less keeping it off.  However, I decided it was worth learning more.  Dr. Stage explained to me that obesity was a disease, and there were new tools to help treat it.  What really got my attention was when he said, "If you had cancer, you would do everything thing I recommended for your treatment, right?  You don't have cancer but this will kill you eventually."

About 1 year later I'm down 100lbs.  This has truly been the easiest thing I've ever done to lose weight, and i've done it all - twice!  The low carb diet fits in with my lifestyle - I'm able to go out to eat and live a normal life.  The medicines I'm on have freed me from constant cravings and food obsessions.  To say this has been a life change is an understatement.  I have a new found sense of confidence and purpose.  And as a bonus, it's actually fun to shop for clothes! 

I can't recommend this program enough.  Everyone who struggles with weight should do this.  If I can do it, anyone can do it!


My husband and I walked into the Weight Loss and Nutrition Center on December 5, 2018.  I received the news of my weight at 204 lbs, being 48 lbs overweight.  I knew at my age I had to lose the weight, if I wanted to become healthy.  We were placed on the meal replacement program.  I prayed and purposed in my mind to follow the diet.  I worked out daily.  The first week was the most challenging week because my mind and body was craving unhealthy foods.  After getting past the 1st week, the program became easier.  In 4 months I lost a total of 66 lbs and I dropped 6 dress sizes.  I have plenty of energy!  I can truly say the meal replacement program works!  I am currently on a low carb low calorie diet for life with physical activity.  I am elated to say thank you to the Weight Loss and Nutrition Center team for assisting me with my weight loss.  I know all things are possible through Jesus Christ.  I am proud to say I have made a lifestyle change.  God Bless. 


What an amazing journey I am on to a healthier and happier me!! I had hit my highest weight ever and did not like anything about how I looked or felt. My daughter was married in October 2017. When we got her wedding pictures, I was so embarrassed at how I looked. I still did nothing to correct the issue. In August 2018, I made the decision to help myself, so that I could enjoy my life with my mother, kids and now grand kids. 

I came in to see Dr. Stage on August 21, 2018. I weighed in at 301 pounds. Dr. Stage was honest with me that I needed to decide if I wanted to change or this would be a waste of time. I told him that I was ready to change. He and his staff have answered questions, gave directions and been encouraging in every step of this journey. The nurses are really cheerleaders without pompoms!

On April 8, 2019, I am 84 pounds lighter and feel so much better. I know I still have a way to go to reach a healthy weight.  I know that with Dr. Stage, his staff and my family that goal will be reached.